The ‘Crown’ in New Zealand that you are so used to hearing about, is seen as the essential partner in the Treaty of Waitangi relationship between Mauri and the government, yet the Crown itself is a ‘legal fiction’ and a ‘shape-shifting’ symbol whose definition is obtuse and whose meanings vary according to context.

The Crown that you know, is a political, legal and symbolic entity that has shaped policy and practice here in Aotearoa, being the Crown Act, the Constitution and the Parliament of New Zealand, birthed in Windsor Castle by William Wynyard, the Equerry for King George III.

Fact is, today, as you know it, Queen Elizabeth is only a Constitutional Monarch, a foreign entity, a foreign power that stands in Aotearoa as an imagined and personified Crown,

This ‘Crown’ entity that the government points to, is not flesh and blood; it does not have a backbone; it cannot draw breath.

It is a piece of paper authority, man-made fiction and a smoke screen.




not crown

“Only the shadow of the land passes to the Queen.
substance stays with us, the Mauri people” Nopera Panakareao.

This is a statement made by Nopera Panakareao, one of many CROWN before the signing of the Treaty.
He knew who he was at that time. For he was CROWN.

Before signing the treaty, we were the CROWN.
We were Tino Rangatira ‘Absolute Sovereign’ with all lands vested in us.
We owned nothing but we were the Kaitiaki [guardian] of all.
We lived by the natural laws of our creator, not man-made laws.
We lived in the PRIVATE.
We lived in the Kingdom of our Creator.

As you are all aware, it was the birth certificate, a piece of paper that enslaved us, until now.
And this is what the Exodus Process will teach you.

Listen to this video to learn the truth…

Government and Parliament not TRUE or VALID