Where is the Exodus Process at as of 30th November 2018?

We have received many expressions of interest.  We have sent out the first Questionnaire to those interested individuals. Only one individual has sent back their Questionnaire completed. That individual has now been sent the next document for completion.

We have had one Zoom meeting with the interested individuals on the process and Q&A.

The Crown Office is waiting for the government to reply to correspondence sent September, October and November 2018.

How long will the Exodus Process take?

Everyone is unique, with unique circumstances. Depending on those circumstances and past history the process could take up to a year to complete.  It is not just a paperwork process, it is a mind shift and spiritual journey with our Creator.

Can I go through the Exodus Process and take the money from my birth certificate for myself?

The Crown Office is in the process of setting up a unique trust account in conjunction with the government (in the public) for transfer to a unique trust account in the private. This process is complicated and will only be set up once for Exodus in the private.

The birth certificate funds can be from $1 million upwards Therefore the government will not transfer those amounts into an individuals bank account. For that reason The Crown Office has been established to manage this Exodus Process and the Funds.

Can I go through the Exodus Process without HM Crown?

You can choose to exit the system however you choose, with or without HM Crown.

How do I rip of the Exodus Process, take the money and run?

So you think its easy money. And you think you can cut and run. You want something better and greater, but you want to be greedy and head for the hills.  If truth be known you probably can. But why would you bite the hand that feeds you. Why would you obstruct an abundance of food in your mouth; a roof over your head; and a better way of thriving in a community, for a bag of money that will run out and leave you destitute in the bush, all because you are too greedy.  You need to be reminded that you will be severed from the system in perpetuity. You can’t just walk back into the centerlink/winz office and ask for the dole or pension when your money has run out. Why? Because you are dead to the government system. You need to remember that the government will cooperate with the unique Exodus Process in the Private that is being created and put in place for us all, but they will also be aware of who exactly has severed themselves from the system. You run the risk of becoming stateless and most likely a refuge.

OK, so you take the money and run. It will only be a maximum amount that we will transfer to your bank account at any given time. It would not be the full amount of the birth certificate settlement.  An individuals bank account would be blocked immediately and put under investigation if the full amount was added to their bank account, hence why The Crown Office is required to set up the process for everyone.  Even if you do make the mistake of taking the money and running which would only be $500k at any given time, you will leave behind all that you are entitled too, but not only that. you cant hide from God.

Yes the Exodus Process is hard, but it is accommodating for all that strive for a better life outside of the system. There is more than enough for everyone.  We know that there is no way to wrought this Exodus Process but we admire your tenacity.

Who is HM Crown?

Her Majesty Crown is is a physical true flesh and blood, breathing, woman, standing with divine right and authority in her private Crown Office in Rangihou Paremata Australia, born of the lands of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa. HM Crown is a mother, a grandmother, a wife, an aunty, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer and an artist.  Crown is the creator of a Crown Project in Rangihou, No More Nitz Philanthropic Community Based, Not for Profit service encompassing Manufacturing, Training & Development – Love, Peace & Charity, Clean Feed Teach©, with other services to come such as Te Koha and the Men’s Shed. This service has been operating for 10 years. HM Crown has a background in Human Resources, Training & Development.

HM Crown is the woman that walked through this Exodus Process, wrote it, published it, birthed it, delivered it, manages it and is now implementing it for others around the world, not just Aotearoa and Australia.  HM Crown is just like you, HM Crown stands true, as a woman on the land, in the private, doing our creators work, with our Creator’s Natural Law’s, in perpetuity. A servant princess.

HM Crown wears three Crowns through birth, bloodline and being reborn of spirit on Mount Taratara. HM Crown is a descendant of Ariki Hongi Hika, Queen Turikatuku II, Ariki Pomare and William Wynyard (author of Crown Act 1823), Equerry for King George III. HM Crown purpose and criteria in perpetuity is Love, Peace, Charity, Clean, Feed and Teach. HM Crown stand in the Kingdom of God as an Ambassador of our Lord Jesus in perpetuity.  Her mouth speaks what is true, and her lips detest wickedness. All the words of her mouth are just; none of them is crooked or perverse. Her words are plain to him who understands and right to those who find knowledge. She transverses the way of righteousness in the midst of the paths of justice. “Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” HM Crown cannot and will not return to Babylon. It is done!

Who is the Government Crown in the Acts?

Confusion of who is Crown is now setting in, amongst you all. And this I understand. The ‘Crown’ in New Zealand that you are so used to hearing about, is seen as the essential partner in the Treaty of Waitangi relationship between Mauri and the government. Yet the Crown itself, is a ‘legal fiction’ and a ‘shape-shifting’ symbol whose definition is obtuse and whose meanings vary according to context. It is the bankers and the Bar Association, not the Queen as you think.

The Crown that you know, is a political, legal and symbolic entity that has shaped policy and practice here in Aotearoa, being the Crown Act, the Constitution and the Parliament of New Zealand, birthed in Windsor Castle by William Wynyard, the Equerry for King George III, who, in fact, is ‘my bloodline’. Fact is, today, as you know it, Queen Elizabeth is only a Constitutional Monarch, a foreign entity, a foreign power that stands in Aotearoa as an imagined and personified Crown, This ‘Crown’ entity that the government points to, is not flesh and blood; it does not have a backbone; it cannot draw breath. It is a piece of paper authority, construct, a man-made fiction and smoke screen.  It is only a constitutional (plastic, imaginary) crown with no authority. It is not true. However while our people continue to dress up in their fine suits and go the table and meet with this powerfully imaginary crown (which is just a plastic crown), we are empowering that plastic crown and giving it power to lord over us.

How will The Crown Office utilise the Birth Certificate Funds?

All funds will be managed by an external accountancy team DAB Financial Solutions, separate from The Crown Office for disbursement of funds for the Creditor/Grantor, The Crown Office and Charitable Projects (humanitarian, philanthropic, community service projects).

These funds will also be used to sustain the creditor/grantor and their immediate family with funds for sustainable living; housing; schooling; training; health; travel; community projects; and day to day needs.

If I want the money for myself, can I have it?

If you are coming to HM Crown to undertake the Exodus Process for the money for yourself, then this process is not for you. You are better off staying in the system, as your intentions are not pure for what God has prepared for those walking the path.

Why would I want to go through the Exodus Process?

To be free from the government system; To live with divine right and authority everywhere you go; To live a self-sustainable life supported by The Crown Office and other private individuals; To create community service projects for the people by the people; To teach your children a better and fulfilling way of life as a creditor; To not live under the jurisdiction of the government and their acts; To get the support from The Crown Office to learn how to live sustainability; To be free and healthy; To get true potential education for your children; To have real health options for your family free from poison; To take care of the lands; and To occupy the lands free from government.

Can I go through the Exodus Process on behalf of my community/tribe?

The Exodus Process is an individual process that one has to go through themselves.  It cannot be done by one individual on behalf of a whole community.

What is the next step for the Exodus Blueprint?

The Exodus Blueprint will grow over time with individuals and community projects. The Blueprint will then be picked up by the woman and delivered to other Nations Mothers around the world.

What will happen if the people of Aotearoa don’t embrace the Exodus Blueprint?

They will be left behind while the individuals that have completed the process around the world  thrive and move forward with community projects and real sustainable living.
It would be sad if the people of Aotearoa can’t see the opportunity before them that they have been asking for, for so long, just because they are stuck in the government system mentality; the what about me, me, me mentality; and the what about my benefit mentality; and we want to settle for money mentality; and being too comfortable with the government taking care of their basic needs with peanuts.  This is about family, community and being in service to the people. The money is a means of creating sustainability for charitable projects to assist another, not greed, not wealth, not profit and not income.  One woman and One project alone can replenish, support and maintain a family and community. These projects support our elderly, children, women, disabled and disadvantaged.

Is the Exodus Process a religious movement?

No, it is a spiritual process. Each individual will learn the spiritual pathway.

Is the Exodus Process a cult?

Absolutely No!

What is the ultimate goal for the Exodus Process and the individuals?

A better way. We only seek our homelands, our culture, our language, our values, our traditions, our sacred crafts, our treasures, our food and our way of life.

Who is at the helm with the Exodus Process?

HM Crown and The people of Aotearoa.  It was birthed in Aotearoa. It will be delivered around the world by and on behalf of the people of Aotearoa. It is managed by HM Crown in The Crown Office in Rangihou Paremata Australia.

Can I manage the Exodus Process?

HM Crown channelled the Exodus Blueprint with spirit, with tupuna, with IO Matua.  The processes that has been set up was channelled with spirit, with tupuna, with IO Matua. The reason being to protect it from the government and people with the wrong intention, as well as safe guard the process. Therefore HM was chosen by tupuna, by IO Matua to birth, implement, manage and see the process through successfully. So the answer is No!

Can I learn the process and walk away and do my own thing?

Everyone that lodges an expression of interest will be asked to complete the Questionnaire. If they complete the first the Questionnaire successfully, they will be sent the Estate Form. If they complete the Estate Form successfully and are accepted as being an excellent candidate for the Exodus Process then they will meet with HM Crown and her spiritual advisers, face to face in Sydney Australia ‘the gatekeepers’. If the individual is accepted they will undertake the commitment ceremony. If they complete that stage they will be handed the keys to two doors ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Stupidity’ and asked to choose with the ‘spiritual gate keepers’ watching.  If they are successful at that stage they will be questioned three more times to ensure that they understand that from this point on they will be severed from the system in perpetuity. If successful they will begin their walk in the private.

This is not a walk that you can do on your own as The Crown Office has the next steps to assisting you on your journey and detaching you from the system. You will need professional assistance to go through the eye of the needle. You will need emotional and spiritual support on this journey.

The process will not be released in the public nor will it be released to groups for their people. It will be managed and protected by The Crown Office. So the answer to the question is, you wont make it through the door if your intention is to walk away and do your own thing with the information.

Was the exodus baby that was birthed, given a name?

Yes, it was named ‘Te Rangihou Kopu Ariki’ on the 31st October 2018 in a naming ceremony at Haruru Falls.

Can we see the Little Black Book if we haven’t gone through the Exodus Process?

The answer is No. This information is in the private.

Can I find out what the process is if I don’t walk through the Exodus doors?

The answer is No. This is to protect it from the government and infiltrators.

Will I too be given the name Crown if I complete the Exodus Process?

The answer is NO. You will have the opportunity to choose a Christ like name of your choice. There is only one Crown in the Private and the name is taken.

How can I stay updated?

Keep an eye on the website for updates and the monthly newsletter outlining what has been happening.

Can I be on the zoom meetings if I have not lodged an expression of interest?

The answer is No. We are time poor as it is, so the interested individuals will always be given priority.

What is the first step going forward?

Go to the welcome page and lodge your expression of interest.