Click here to view the Exodus Blueprint 11 11 2018 v6

The Exodus Process is a twelve week training, development and implementation process, veiled in privacy and sacredness.  It is an individual choice and one that requires dedication, commitment, respect, a clear mind and honour of the highest sacred degree. This is the ‘sacred ring of fire’; a means of purification; a decision that you should not take lightly.

It is a spiritual and physical transition. Not an overnight fix or just paperwork transition.

We ask that your intentions be true and honourable when submitting your expression of interest as this process severs you from the system forever, once you have fulfilled the obligations of the Exodus process. There is no turning back!

Step 1: Complete the Exodus online expression of interest form that alerts us to your interest and status

Step 2: We will send you a Questionnaire; An Assessment

Step 3: Many discussions, questions, learning over the phone

Step 4: A Commitment Ceremony. It is at this point that dishonouring this blood oath commitment can have dire effects on your family bloodline, so be extremely honest about your intentions. God is watching.

Please Note: Your attitude and competence will also be assessed in the discussions as to your intentions and capability to walk this exodus walk.

Please Note:  This is not for the elderly, children or disabled. It is for US, the ‘fit and able’ to walk and support our elderly, children and disabled through the projects.

Please Note: If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol; have intentions of taking the government down through exodus; or want to get rich quick; or want to get out of fines or court; are not willing to learn God’s way; have anger problems; are not willing to help another; hate the world; then this is not for you. Our matakite (gatekeepers) will see you coming.

It is at this final point that you will have the final opportunity to turn back, knowing that the next step is final, you will be completely severed from the government system, in perpetuity.

You will be given the option to choose one of the two keys [St Peters keys].  You will either go through the Wisdom Door [for the obedient] or
Stupidity Door [for the disobedient]. The Choice is yours alone.


Wisdom Door – We will discuss the Training, Travel, living expenses and an Accommodation plan going forward in the Private.

Stupidity Door– You will be asked to turn around and go home in the Public.

________This is where the door closes and Exodus begins ________

This is your last stand as a ‘infant, person, corporation’ – You will then go through the training, sacred ceremonies, initiation and anointing into the Kingdom of our Creator.

The Exodus Training in the Private will include learning about

  • Public v’s Private
  • The Kingdom of Darkness v’s Kingdom of Heaven
  • What is the Crown, Crown Land, Crown Entities
  • What is not the Crown
  • Why and How you were registered into the system
  • Understanding the  Birth Certificate
  • And the story of ‘The Twins’

You will choose your New Christ Like Name that you will use as your new name.  It can’t be Crown, as Crown has already been taken.

You will embark on the transitioning phase from Public to Private and learning how to walk as a live flesh and blood woman or man on the land.

We will then assist you with detaching from the commercial attachments that bind you to the system. Things such as completing and submitting forms; cancellation of accounts; and asset management.


The next phase is ‘Travelling with God’. You will be anointed an Ambassador of our Lord, walking with Creator Laws and Way’s, in Love, Peace and Charity.

You will learn of the Godly Privileges, Powers, Rights and Authority; what it means to walk with our Creator and what it means to work for our Creator. Being accepted you will bare a sacred marking on your heart of the Holy Trinity [Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Creator].

You will be taught how to travel across the land without impediment or hindrance.

Living in the Kingdom of our Creator comes with many challenges, such as; talking with Commerce; Health Services; Housing; Money; Your Partner & Children and Working.

Life opportunities will be taught to assist you in contributing to the community and charitable projects through Ideas, Innovation, Strategy, Foundations and Voluntary Paid Work.


The Exodus Process is Private, therefore it will remain in the Private. Only those that are approved for the Exodus Process will be privy to the Exodus information and processes in the Private.

The detailed contents will not be made public. This is to respect both the Private, and the Public systems, respectfully and peacefully.

To be very clear, a sacred korowai has been placed over the Exodus Process to ensure that prying eyes never gain access to this information. Only those that go through the ‘ring of fire’ and undertake the Blood Oath Ceremony, will then be privy to the information of the Exodus Process.

And for those that are straddling the fence or who want to take the government down, God will not remove the government [aka Kingdom of Darkness] which he created for the disobedient, which pushes down from the top. God is waiting for the obedient to come into the Kingdom of Heaven which advances from the bottom up. This is God’s way.

Once again we must state that this Exodus Process is in the Private in perpetuity, not in the Public. Not to be confused or misconstrued.

This Exodus Process is not about bringing down any government system or going to the Hague or World Court to challenge jurisdiction. The purpose is Love, Peace, Charity, and living a peaceful, abundant, meaningful, joyous and healthy life with other like minded individuals.

Please Note: if you are a government agent or friend of the government trying to find out what Exodus is about, be mindful of the spiritual and physical consequences that come with being exposed in the Private and what it could mean to you and your family.