The benefits of the Exodus Process are;

  • Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Freedom to live a life outside of the system
  • Freedom to walk the land without trespass & Immunity from man-made jurisdictions
  • A True Purpose in Life
  • An alternative new way of living with unlimited potential
  • You become the creditor, as opposed to being the debtor
  • You are the Guardian of all Crown Land, to be utilised for homeland community services, charitable projects and housing
  • Sustainable, humanitarian and charitable projects
  • Sustainability of culture, language, values, traditions & our sacred craft
  • True potential learning, schooling and teaching
  • Real Health Solutions from days of old. Wellness, Healthy Body and Mind
  • No licenses, registrations, tax, rates, fines, legal actions, contracts, liabilities, penalties, acts, statutes or legislation
  • Foundations for conducting not for profit, community services, otherwise known to you as a business without tax
  • An environment where you thrive and create in your daily walk as opposed to surviving and struggling to put food on the table
  • You have the opportunity to create, build and sustain foundations for the people, by the people so that you can live a full life in abundance, physically and spiritually.
  • Inner Peace and Joy
  • Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom
  • Guidance from our Creator along Life’s Path and all things added unto you

How this will be done is a Private Process that remains in the Private. One must go through the Exodus Process to be a beneficiary and benefit.